Episode 5: Paradigm of Astrology, Impending AI Transition and Divine Feminine with Christina Rodenbeck


Loud Passions with Suzannah Galland


Passion is powerful. When you put your passions front and center, the world can’t help but notice. Join intuitive life advisor and relationship expert Suzannah Galland as she interviews guests who share stories that take us along their extraordinary journey. The show features artists, social entrepreneurs, successful innovators, experts—those who have stood out because of their passion for what they do. I hope this show becomes a part of your inspiration and a reminder that you’re not alone on this journey.

I’m excited to introduce my guest today, who is a highly celebrated, accomplished astrologer making an impact. She’s a stargazer with a heart of gold and a stardust soul. When you meet her for a reading, you leave feeling energized, like a rockstar. Like someone just honed in on the deepest part of your life.

With the wisdom of forecasting, she can interpret a clear direction for love, life, and career. Along with her busy practice in the United Kingdom, her blog, The Oxford Astrologer, is one of the most highly regarded blogs on the internet. Her readings are a mix of the timeless tradition of Western astrology and a modern understanding of the human psyche.
Her latest blog post sites: “Love to be lost in love, to float in the sea of love, to feel the divine love. These also may be available to you. Stay alive in this moment now and set your imagination free. Next year may be special.”

I’m excited to get a chance to explore the relationship between the divine feminine and the universal harmony in our solar system.

Welcome, Christina Rodenbeck

https://oxfordastrologer.com/ (Christina’s Blog)
https://www.instagram.com/oxfordastrology/ (Christina’s Instagram)
https://twitter.com/oxfordastrology (Christina’s Twitter)


When it comes to rising women with a voice, Aislin O’Connor is one to watch.
Aislin is a banker of high-growth companies and has acted as an early-stage advisor to new ventures making an impact. She holds an NBA from Oxford and a forte fellow for women’s business leadership. She currently leads the Oxford Business Alumni network for the San Francisco Bay area.

When Aislin’s not busying her days with work, she has a passion for dance and a love for good, smokey Scottish whiskey. She’s a pace-setter for newly defined leadership and will undoubtedly be one of the most outstanding figures to watch for in the next decade.

Aislin is a beacon of hope for emerging businesses. Welcome, Aislin!


My next guest is a leader on the rise, and when she’s in power, she’s unstoppable. She’s a woman on a mission against sexual exploitation, abuse, and assault, and she’s impacting women to heal body shame.
She’s the founder and CEO of Pole and Dance Studios, a thriving network of pole and aerial dance studios in San Fransisco and Oakland. She’s also the author of a memoir, Becoming California, and is currently looking for representation.

She’s also a pro-bono attorney representing clients in divorce, child custody, domestic violence, and asylum cases. When she’s not splitting her time between Berkeley and Portland, you can see her dropping a performance on Netflix, Strip Down, Rise Up, which explores women reclaiming their bodies and lives with the movement of pole dancing.
For her, pole is not just about the body; it’s about the mind. That is the highest compliment we can give ourselves. But freedom emerges when we learn to love ourselves enough to heal, nurture, and dare to imagine.
Can you imagine where women can go by expressing their freedom and bodies? Welcome, Amy!

https://www.instagram.com/amysunshine007/ (Amy’s Instagram)
https://sfpoleanddance.com/events/ (Amy’s pole dancing studio)


My first guest is undeniably one of the most elevating, inspirational, and charismatic people to step into Suzannah’s world. Jason Mulligan a Westpoint graduate, an Oxford scholar, and a combat veteran who served as a tank platoon leader in the deadly and pivotal Battle of Ramadi.
Jason earned a bronze star medal, Navy and Marine Corps achievement medal, and combat V. His journey from combat to Sattva yoga is the embodiment of super strength and endurance. Like everything he undertakes, his leadership influence is already making a mark in the private sector in business. He’s on a mission toward the positive transformation of human consciousness.
He doesn’t just chase dreams; he sets new limits. Welcome, Jason Mulligan.

Jason’s https://www.instagram.com/_jasonmulligan_/ (Instagram)


Best known as one of Hollywood’s most beautiful and bewitching figures, today, Kelly Rutherford elegantly joins us to share her incredible journey laced with pearls of wisdom, her aha moments, and what it means to be true to oneself.
You may know her from the hit show Gossip Girl or Quantico. Kelly has starred in a staggering amount of series and films, including Melrose Place, Homefront, Scream 3, and many more. Kelly enjoys being a loving mom with two gorgeous children, and she’s an advocate for multiple women’s and children’s charities around the globe.
Many of us start out bedazzled by fairy light opportunities and positive dreams. But what happens when a global pandemic shatters positivity and dims those bright lights? Kelly’s here to share how to stay true to your beautiful, unique self through all the chaos of the global pandemic.

https://www.instagram.com/kellyrutherford/ (Kelly’s Instagram)
https://www.instagram.com/shopsovereigncollective/ (Sovereign Collective Instagram)


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