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What happens in your dream time is manifested in your daytime, and the words you write and the scenarios you set can help you design your achievements.

Signs and symbols in dreams may serve as warnings or as intuitive guidance. They allow you to tap into what’s going on beneath the surface or to pave the way for your next move.

Pay close attention to your dreams and your subconscious mind. Keep a notepad or iPad beside your bed and try to recall anything and everything about a particular idea you had – players, scenarios, colors, sounds and words.

Put your aspirations in writing:

Write out exactly what you are trying to manifest. Pick something small, but you must be passionate about it!!

You can use this as a tool to rejuvenate you, as a means to help you understand how to express an intention or desire. By seeing yourself acting it and observing you as a player, you can start to create your future.

If it’s a new job you want, write or imagine a scenario where you’re working for a company that values you with an excellent salary, a high position, benefits and anything else of crucial importance.

If it’s a relationship, see yourself acting out the role of dating someone who makes you laugh, is generous and excites you. If you want commitment, then write out that information for the character.

If you’re feeling creative, find a name for the person, company or event; or if you prefer, call the players A, B, C or number them or whatever. The goal is to see ourselves in the roles we want or desire with other people indulging to our needs.

Now, read what you just wrote out a few times a day, but especially before you sleep. You may find yourself a week later quietly asking, why isn’t anything happening? Go back and read your story. Is there enough information written out? Do you need to add a couple of characters to support you along the way?

Yes, I know most of us think this is a lot of work, and we are all busy and what-not. But your life is about you. How you think, act, react and manifest are all performed and written by you. Write it out and let your intuitive body and mind draw it to you.

Sometimes, dreams don’t manifest themselves exactly as we might have planned, but they can lead us to another place in another area of our lives, and we can link the dots in a way we never anticipated.

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