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HUFFINGTON POST: You Are Entirely Up To You

These times are quite fraught with desperation for all of us. We look outside ourselves for leadership; we look outside for community. When the truth is we are seeking something that is already within us.

It’s in that precious moment that we actually have a clear understanding. Our uniqueness of being is where we truly exist. People naturally gravitate to those who believe in themselves, à la Oprah, Beyoncé, Steve Jobs.

It starts with you liking one thing about yourself. Be it singing, dancing, styling, skill with numbers, reliability – trust this as your core.

We all come in with an authentic gift. We often dismiss opportunities to grow and welcome development. And when all is said and done, if we don’t get what we want, we feel short changed.

When we are confused, we seek advice. Somebody we know tells us how they think we should what we want. Ironically, it’s usually their way. We follow suit, all the while we are aware that something’s off. Listen to your gut, trust your intuition. Something’s off because you are doing it the way somebody else is doing it, not your way. It can’t work if you are not being your authentic you.

There is no greater time than right now to seek that passion, or be open to new discoveries. Follow your gut. Don’t give up on your dream; simplify and keep modifying. Keep your day job and learn to invest both your dream and your day-to-day life.

The minute anybody else attempts to undermine you, don’t doubt your core for a moment. Take that as your valuable warning. If we don’t contribute one authentic thing about ourselves, then others won’t provide anything either. In other words, don’t be clueless, be smart!

I’m a great believer of jumping in, but make sure to find the right expert. Treat your dream like you are already paid for the job. Do your homework. Email, contact, communicate – research before you dive head over feet. Be clear what makes you happy, more authentic. Focus on that one attribute that is yours.

No one can take it from you.

Even the most ardent new age seekers among us feel that we’ve been sold a lot of airy-fairy nonsense, when what we’re all looking for is something reliable and actual: a higher goal that comes to life in this world, not the next.

Most of us cry out to a benevolent force sooner or later. Why am I here? And when we hear silence, we panic. We grab the first thought and wing it, and hope it goes viral.

Pinning our hopes with a fixed dream is disastrous. Be open to modification. Because the dream has to start from somewhere, it never comes in whole. It might not look exactly like you thought it would. Go with the flow.

A way to stimulate your transformation is by making a commitment: Try investing four hours a month to your quest.

One thing you can you do daily is to check in. Take a private moment and visualize yourself in action, doing the thing you love. Make it as real as possible. See yourself with the thing you most want, and know that you can have it. Every time we internally see our exalted selves in motion, it projects out to everyone we meet and attracts to us a world of opportunity.

As Oprah so eloquently expressed, “Change your thoughts and change your world.”

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